Medical Technologies

Medical Technologies

Inform, interact, create solutions to clinical needs

What is Clinical Need?

Clinical Need is a website for clinicians and other members of the healthcare team to explain exactly what they need to improve the care they offer to their patients.

In a clinical environment there is a wealth of understanding of what is necessary to improve patient care. But this information is rarely passed onto groups that could provide a solution: a new therapeutic approach, a new surgical device or simply an awareness of the clinical need.

At Clinical Need we store statements from leading practitioners as a reference to those who could provide a solution. We do not need to know the solutions, only where clinical experience can see the problems.

We link our Clinical Need statements to Linked In, where clinicians and innovators can collaborate and discuss solutions to clinical needs. This provides a forum to connect industrialists, healthcare professionals and researchers who comprise the UK Medical Devices community and to facilitate communication between these specialist groups.

The website and the forum together will provide a valuable resource to stimulate focussed discussion, and ultimately help to ensure that that technical and research community are directing efforts towards key challenges.

The strongest clinical needs that fall within the scope of the Medical Technologies IKC could lead to funding and support opportunities to develop a solution.